SIS field work was successfully completed. (2016.02.07-12)

SIS Lab was interviewed by NHKworld. website (2016.02.17)

GIS tutorials/lectures is (2015.06.18)

GIS seminar is (2015.03.29)

Thesis is (2015.02.26)

GIS tutorials/lectures is (2015.02.26)

Posters is (2015.01.16)

GIS seminar is (2014.12.18)

GIS seminar is (2014.12.09)

Posters is (2014.12.07)

GIS seminar is (2014.10.28)

GIS tutorials/lectures is

Murayama, Y. ed. 2012. Progress in Geospatial Analysis. Springer book was published.

SIS won the World Geospatial Excellence Awards 2012 at Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

GIS-based application series: GeoJournal Library, Vol.100. Spatial Analysis and Modeling in Geographical Transformation Process. Murayama, Yuji; Thapa, Rajesh Bahadur (Eds.). - March 2011 (pdf)

JpGU International Symposium 2012 (May 20-25, 2012 at Makuhari Messe);Pre-registration - From January 11, Wednesday to May 9, Monday, at 17:00 JST, 2012 website

The Study Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers Spring 2011 March, 29-31, 2011 at: Meiji Univerisity website

7th GIS Community Forum (ESRI Japan) June, 2-3, 2011 at: Tokyo Midtown website

Applied Geoinformatics for Society and Environment (AGSE) conference - 19th August 2011 website

Spatial Thinking and Geographic Information Sciences 2011. - 14-16th September 2011 website