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Understanding human mobility from a spatial perspective is important to urban transport planners, human geographers, social scientists and other spatial information users to improve public transport systems and socio-economic planning.


Advances in wireless communication technology and location enabled devices enable to collect, store and integrate large amounts of geospatial data including sensor network data, mobile phone log data, real-time weather information, person flow data etc.


However, handling of these Big Data requires high-speed computational power, complex database management systems and considerable period of time to extract, manipulate and analyze the data for end users. There fore, this project aims:

  • To extract, analyze and convert person trip data into GIS ready dataset by providing Web-GIS to any spatial information users based on their search categories

  • To visualize person trip space time data through geovisualization technique for travel behavior studies

This project is a jointed research project with People Flow (PFLOW) project, CSIS, University of Tokyo.







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