Doctoral Thesis

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Urban Traffic Accidents: A Case Study of Tehran City, Iran
Niloofar Haji Mirza Aghasi [Read]

Spatial Analysis and Modeling of Urban Land Use Changes in Lusaka, Zambia: A CaseStudy of a Rapidly Urbanizing Sub-Saharan African City
Matamyo Simwanda [Read]

A Study on Urbanization and Future Sustainable Development in Shanghai Using Geospatial Predictive Models
Hao Gong [Read]

Urban Process and Future Development of Colombo Metropolitan Area, Sri Lanka: An Application of Geospatial Techniques
Shyamantha SUBASINGHE [Read]

Walking Behavior and Neighborhood Environment: A Case Study in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Hao HOU [Read]

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Tsunami Vertical Evacuation: A Case Study of the Shizuoka Metropolitan Area
Gerasimos VOULGARIS D.Sc. [Read]

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Terrorism Vulnerability: A Case Study of Central Tokyo, Japan.
Konstantin GREGER D.Sc. [Read]

A geographical Study on Factors Influencing Wild Animal-ralated Damages: A Case Study of Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
Misao HASHIMOTO D.Sc. [Read]

Assessment of Sites' Suitability Using MCE Method and GIS for Poultry Microenterprises and Value Chain Development: A study in Gazipur District, Bangladesh
Syeda KHALEDA D.Sc. [Read]

Spatial Analysis of Ecosystem Service Value Changes in Baguio City, the Philippines, Based on Land Use/Cover Changes
Ronald Canero ESTOQUE D.Sc. [Read]

Modelling Deforestation in Dzalanyama Forest Reserve, Lilongwe, Malawi: Using Multi-agent Simulation Approach
Kondwani Godwin MUNTHALI D.Sc. [Read]

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Land Use Transition Process: A Case Study of Central Tsukuba
Chiaki Mizutani D.Sc. [Read]

Site Suitability Evaluation for Ecotourism using GIS & AHP: A Case Study of Surat Thani Province, Thailand
Khwanruthai Bunruamkaew D.Sc. [Read]

Geographical Characteristics of Thelemedicine Networks in Koria and Japan:Case Studies of Chougbook and Kagawa
Park Soo Kyung D.Sc. [Read]

Spatial Modeling of Deforestation and Land Suitability Assessment in the Tam Dao National Park Region, Vietnam
Khoi Duong Dang D.Sc. [Read]

Spatio-temporal Behaviour of Residents after the 2004 Chuetsu Earthquake: A Case Study of Kawaguchi Town, Japan
Gismondi Matteo D.Sc. [Read]

Locational Changes in Large-scale Retail Stores in the Tokushima Urban Region: Locational Regulations Perspective
Nobuhiko Komaki D.Sc. [Read]

Online Micro-spatial Analysis Based on GIS Estimated Building Population: A Case of Tsukuba City.
Koko Lwin D.Sc. [Read]

Spatial Process of Urbanization in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.
Rajesh Bahadur Thapa D.Sc. [Read]

The Spatial Changes of Global Network Based on the International Air Passenger Flows, 1992-2004
Lee, Ho Sang D.Sc. [Read]

A Geographical Study on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Kenya
Moses Murimi Ngigi D.Sc. [Read]

Spatial Process of Urban Growth Using Cellular Automata: A Case Study of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Yaolong Zhao D.Sc. [Read]

A Geographical Study of School Attendance Areas Using the Multiplicatively Weighted Voronoi Method: A Case of Rasht City, Iran

Geographical study on regional differentials of family income in the Philippines
Emi Kainuma D.Sc. [Read]

A Geographical study on the aggregation problem of statistics: in case of the 2000 Population and Housing Census in Korea
Gyehwa Kang D.Sc. [Read]

Master Thesis

Onshore Wind Farm Suitability Analysis Using GIS-based Analytical Hierarchy Process: A Case Study of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Ahmed Derdouri

Spatio-Temporal Transformation of Western Wetlands in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Muthurajawela Marsh and Negombo Lagoon
Athukorala Arachchige Sumudu Darshana

Locational Characteristics of Large Commercial Facilities in Central Area of Changchun, China
Ji Xinmiao

Urban Spatiotemporal Dynamics Based on Impervious Surface Satellite Data: A Case Study of Tokyo
Fei Liu

Allocation Studies of Commodity Delivery Goods Using AHP and Huff Model: A case Study of Shiweitang District, Cuanhzhou, China
Zheng Zilai

Spatial Evaluation of Optimal Routes of Walking Behavior of Elderly People: A Case Study of Hikarigaoka District, Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture
Xiaokai Lyu

Movement history of new town residents and their factors A Case Study of Toride Chuo-Town

Flight risk analysis for logistics drone routes: A case study of Tsukuba city

Dynamic Change of Land Use/Cover in Tianjin City Based on Markov and Cellular Automata Model
Wang Ruci

Progress of Urbanization in New Rural Village and Its Influence: A Case study of Huaxi Village in Jiangyin in Jiangsu Province
Jiao Bolei

Gender Differences in Spatial Mobility for Work Purposes: A Case of Study in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Gaston Guido San Cristobal

Evaluation of the giant panda's habitat in Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province,China
Shu Mengyu

Commuting behavior in Tokyo metropolitan area as seen from the person trip data
Nobuaki Oku

Geographical study on the port hinterlands based on the Huff model: Acase study of Bohai area, China
Qu Yuhang

Changes in residence of migrants in Shenzhen City, China: A study of laborers in Longhua Foxconn industrial zone, Baoan district
Liang Zhenwu

Spatial structure of urban villages in Shenzhen in China
Luan Yarong

Urban Growth Modeling Using Neural Network Simulation: A Case Study of Dongguan, China
Zhang Xinmin

Accessibility problem for the grocery goods in aged society in China
Lei Ying

Spatial evaluation of the sightseeing places in Yichang, China
Zhang Hanlu

Location Pattern and Formation Factors of Foreign Invested Companies in Shenyang
Zux Qi

Development of Residences for the Aged People through the Regionally Integrated Care System: A Case Study of Fukuoka City
Takafumi Kubo

Accessibility Evaluation of the Aged Population to the Medical Facilities in the Central Area of Shanghai, China
Zhou Yifei

Hedonic Price Modeling of New Residential Property Values in Xi’an City, China
Liu Kai

Spatial Analysis of Urban Accidents by GIS: A Case Study of Tehran, Iran
Niloofar Haji Mirza AGHASI

Spatial Characteristics of Convenience Store Location: A Case Study of Tsukuba City
Jiang Xiang Xu

Assessment of Natural Landscape Resources for Tourism Development in Hangzhou, China
Zhao Wenqi

The Flow between Production Areas and Markets of Cabbage and the Rule Factor

The Land Use Pattern and the Determining Factors in City Centers: The Case of Mito City and Maebashi City

Housing Choice of Migrant Residents in Beijin City, China: A Case Study of Pingfang Village, Chaoyang District
Lei SU

Irrigation System and Paddy-Raising Development in Agricultural Area in China-A Case Study of Longfengshan Irrigation Area, Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province-

Tsunami Vulnerability Assessment of the Southern Boso Peninsula

The Structure of Urban Leisure Space based on Photography Behavior: A Case Study on Tokyo 23 Wards
Bohan AI

Spatio-temporal Analysis of Railway Transportation System in Central Tokyo

Spatial Distribution of Gas-stations and Factors of Declining Service Activities
Ryuta Kamiya

Spatial features of consumer buying behavior of women in Changchun- A case study of district residents of automotive industry development
Tingting Yan

Spatial Changes in Japanese Company Business Establishment in China
Hiroaki Sugino

A Study on Locational Characteristics of Public Concert Halls from the Viewpoint of Land Use.
Toshio Soga

Appearance patterns and determinants of brown bears in the Hidaka region, Hokkaido.
Misao Hashimoto

Changes in the land use in Tsuchiura central area.
Park, Kyu Tae

Regional differences of generation and policies for waiting list for nursery school in Tokyo.
Hiroko Kudo

A study on assessment of living convenience satisfaction by using GIS: a case study of Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture.
Hiroki Takamatsu

Change in nodal structure in Tokyo Metropolitan Area in terms of commuting and schooling
Yusuke Hayashi

Analysis by factors in route decisions of household garbage collection: a case study of Eastern District in Tsukuba City.
Rinka Yamamoto

Characteristics of Walking Activity and Walkability Evaluation in Tsukuba City.
Takatoshi Asai

Exploring the Spatial Patterns and Determinants of Poverty: The Case of Albay and Camarines Sur Provinces in Bicol Region, Philippines.
Brandon M. Vista [Read]

A Study of Living Convenience Based on Residential Satisfaction and Accessibility: A Case Study in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefcture
Mikimasa Harano

Space Analysis in Guide Map Seen from Telephone Book Advertisements: Case Study of the Surrounding of the Sibuya Station
Tomoka Katsuragi

The Generation Mechanism of Terminal Traffic in Sendai Metropolitan Area -Focusing on the P&R-K&R in terms of Commuting.
Tomohiko Uezu

Spatial Structure of Local City in terms of Store Location and Shopping Trip Pattern: A Case Study of Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture.
Nobuhiko Komaki

Employment Opportunities for Women and Residential Choice of Female Workers in Tokyo Metropolitan Area: A Case Study of Working Women in the Central Tokyo
Tomomi O'hashi

The Spatial Analysis of the Diffusion of "Broadband": In the Case of ADSL Internet Services in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
Hiroyuki Kondoh

Changes of the Newspaper Delivery System due to the Establishment of Printing Factory-A Case Study of Yomiuri Shimbun Co. Gumma Printing Factory-
Osamu Murasawa

Geogrraphical Study on residents'traffic behaviour in multi-snow coverage city: -A case study of Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture-
Hiroki Watanabe

Spatial Segregation of Ethnic Groups in the Toronto Metropolitan Area.
Shingo Sato

The Locational Assessment of the Convenience Store Using GIS: In the case of Kashiwa City, Chiba
Kazuo Hukuda