GIS tutorials/lectures


- Use of Geospatial data for disaster managements, (Manjula Ranagalage)2017.6

- Spatial Information Engineering in Geoscience, (Darshana Athukorala)2017.6

- Development of WEB-GIS based on Google Maps Javascript API, (GONG Hao)2016.11

- Machine Learning in Geoscience, (GONG Hao)2016.06

- QGIS Manual, (Kimura Yusuke)

- GIS in Weather, (Niloofar Haji Mirza Aghasi)

- Geographical Information System, (Niloofar Haji Mirza Aghasi)

- Handling Landsat Images with Matlab , (Siriwardana Malinda) 2015.10.22.

- Introduction to the People Flow Datasets, (Hao HOU)2015.07.30.

- Introducing TerrSet for Geospatial Analysis, (Ronald C. Estoque) 2015.07.09.

- GIS in Trasportation, (Hao HOU) 2015.02.

- Remote Sensing, (Niloofar Haji Mirza Aghasi) 2014.08.

- Fundamentals of GIS, (Niloofar Haji Mirza Aghasi) 2014.08.

- GIS in Evaluating Built Environment, (Hao HOU) 2014.08.

- How to use IDRISI Selva (An introduction), (Ronald C. Estoque) 2012.09.

- Scripting with ArcGIS 10, (Kondwani Godwin Munthali) 2012.07.

- How to do AHP analysis in Excel, (Khwanruthai BUNRUAMKAEW) 2012.03.

- Zonal Analysis: A GIS lecture tutorial, (Ronald C. Estoque) 2011.11.

- Online GIS Education, (Fatemen Masouleh) 2011.06.

- Fundamentals of Surveying, (Surantha Dassanayake) 2011.06.

- Creating a DEM from a Topographic Map, (Ronald C. Estoque) 2011.06.

- GIS-based MCDA, (Ronald C. Estoque) 2011.01.

- Remote Sensing Image Processing, (Surantha Dassanayake) 2011.01.

- An Intorduction to Geographic Information System, (Khun Kyaw Aung Hein ) 2010.07.

- Fundamentals of GIS, (Ronald C. Estoque) 2010.07.

- Network Distance Based Eco-friendly Walks Score Calculator,(Ko Ko Lwin) 2010.07.

- Image Rectification and Enhancement Manual for ERDAS imagine Introduction to Error and Uncertainty in Environmental GIS,(Kondwani Godwin Munthali ) 2010.07.

- Coordinate Systems and Remote Sensing basic,(Surantha Dassanayakas) 2010.06.

- Writing grant proposal: Some insights(Rajesh Bahadur Thapa) 2009.08.

- Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and its Applications in GIS (Koko Lwin) 2008.6

- Spatial Patterns of Poverty and Human Well-being in Bicol Region, Philippines (Brandon M. Vista) 2007.7

- Demographic patterns analysis using SDAM: case of Kathmandu valley, Nepal (Rajesh Bahadur Thapa) 2006.11

- Using SDAM in Regional Analysis (Brandon Manalo Vista) 2006.11

- A Survey of National Spatial Data Infrastructure Across the Globe (Brandon M. Vista) 2006

- Georeferencing in GIS (Brandon M. Vista) 2006

- Representing Geography for GIS Data Processing (Brandon M. Vista) 2006

- Learning ArcGIS Desktop (Yumin ZHANG) 2006

- Geographic Information Systems: An Introductory Lecture for Undergraduate Students in Geography (Brandon M. Vista) 2006


- An Introduction to Urban Land Use Change (ULC) Models (Wang Ruci) 2016.10

- Grid-based Analysis in GIS (Hao HOU) 2015.06

- Reference Management with Mendeley (Malinda Siriwardana) 2013.07.

- Introduction to MapWindow (Niloofar Aghasi) 2012.12.

- Essential Skills and Functions of CityEngine (Jiang Xiang Xu) 2012.12.

- Spatial analysis by GeoDa (Malinda Siriwardana) 2012.12.

- Introduction of Grobal Map data (Murakami Shota) 2012.11.

- The Application of Indoor Positioning System (IPS) (Zhao Wenqi) 2012.11.

- Functions and Avaiablity of MapServer (Liu Ling) 2012.11.

- Introduction to Quantum GIS (Matteo Gismondi) 2010.03.

- Use of Zonal Statistics Function in ArcGIS (KoKo Lwin) 2009.07.
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- How to construct Urban 3D GIS model based on ArcGIS 3D Analysis (KoKo Lwin) 2008.11.
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- Estimation of surface temperature from Landsat TM using ERDAS Imagine Spatial Modeler, (Ko Ko Lwin) 2010.10.
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- Constructing Weighted Voronoi Diagrams Using Computer Programs (Fatemeh AHMADI NEJAD MASOULEH) 2006.12